Raggiolo (6 bottles)


This blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo olives harvested in late October delivers a fruity aroma of olives and other fresh fruit, reminiscent of the scent and taste of a healthy fruit harvested at the optimal ripening point. Its mature fruity flavor makes it suitable for any use in cooking.

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◦ Leccino
◦ Frantoio
◦ Moraiolo
Harvest: Late October to Early November 2023
Color: Green to golden green
Fragrance: Fruity olive aroma and other fresh fruit.
Taste: Mature, fruity flavor
Characteristic: Thanks to its balanced taste, it represents the productive and qualitative synthesis of the year’s harvest.
Food combinations: Suitable for any use in cooking.

 – box of 6 bottles of 500ml –