Intero (6 bottles)


Originating in Umbria, Moraiolo olives are hand-harvested and crushed within hours to reveal the fresh aroma of freshly cut grass and an exquisitely grassy, vegetal, and slightly bitter flavor recalling certain nuances of raw tender artichoke and sought by enthusiasts around the world. This small-batch first press olive oil is perfect with vegetables and crusty breads or bruschetta.

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Cultivar: Moraiolo 100% 

Harvest: October

Color: Deep and intense green

Taste: Bitter, fruity flavor

Characteristic: Intense and slightly bitter taste, filtered. 

Gastronomic pairings: Ideal for dressing vegetables in pinzimonio, flavoring bruschetta, and legume soups. 

 – box of 6 bottles of 500ml –